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The debate is long over, today everyone knows smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, yet some people can't help paying a lot of money to hasten their own death. There are other reasons that might help to encourage you to quit smoking today.

Pick a health related problem and smoking is often the cause. How would like to sign up to have your mental functioning decline earlier in life? With smokers this is almost guaranteed! Our website is dedicated to giving you reasons to stick to your commitment and a new and innovative product to help you to quit forever this time.

Below is a list of things smokers can look forward to that you may not have considered.

Smoking Accelerates Alzheimer's
Autoimmune Disease Increases
Risk of SIDS Up 200%
Colic From Being Around Smoke
Erectile Dysfunction Up 60%
Macular Degeneration Up 400%
Rheumatoid Arthritis Up 250-700%
Acid Reflux Up 70%
Breast Cancer Up 30%

Of course the problems don't end there, that is just to get your attention. If you value your thyroid or want to avoid colon cancer quitting now reduces your risk.



Smoking is not good for pregnant women, babies or anyone for that matter and today most people realize this fact. Unfortunately cigarettes have been made to lead to physical and psychological addiction. Anyone can say that you made a choice to smoke and now it is up to you to simply stop; but you know that stopping is anything but simple.

Today technology has come to the rescue with the e-cigarette. This scientifically designed device instantly solves the psycological addiction by giving you a very realistic looking electronic cigarette that even appears to produce smoke. Since it only resembles smoke but it is actually producing a steam like cloud of water vapor you can use it in smoke free areas.

As you can see there are two reasons people are switching to electronic cigarettes.

  1. People use this product to help them quit and break the habit forever.
  2. People want to smoke in places that don't allow smoking.

We believe that in a free country people have rights. Non-smokers have the right to not have smoke around them at restaurants and smokers have the right to smoke. For those who want to kick the habit or just switch to something that won't offend people this may be a great option. You can stop smoking cigarettes now if you are determined to quit.

stop smoking cigarettes

The indicator lights up, not like a flashlight but just like a cigarette. The atomizer and the cartridge create the illusion of smoke.

Stop smoking e-cigarette kit

If this product won't help you to quit smoking now then there are other websites you can check out for more information.

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